Getting the right leaders into your organization directly impacts your brand and your bottom line. Coleman Lew Canny Bowen has decades of experience recruiting senior-level executives and board members across a number of sectors.

Industrial / Energy

Industrial is a broad category that encompasses both manufacturing and service companies and multiple sectors including automotive, building products, machinery, industrial automation, chemicals, energy, packaging, paper, engineering & construction services, and industrial distribution among many others. We understand the kind of leaders you’re seeking—executives with deep experience in operational excellence, supply chain, B2B marketing, and more.

Financial Services

Profitability is key in this sector, but so is information protection, data security, and innovation. We’ve worked with commercial and investment banks and other financiers to understand the business from the inside.


Recruiting general counsels and other senior legal professionals – both in-house and in private practice – is a hallmark of our firm. Whether you need a Chief Legal Officer or a senior attorney with expertise in litigation, tax, M&A, compliance, employment law, or another specialty, we understand the field and have worked with some of the country’s most prestigious firms and recruited general counsels to multinational, Fortune 500 companies.


Consumer brands hold a lot of sway over our daily lives. They help determine what we eat, how we dress, and what technology we use in our homes, cars, and on the go. Brand loyalty must be earned repeatedly. Whether it's a leader in branding, market research, sales, store development, or some other aspect of the segment, we have the experience you need.

Technology / Media / Communications

Technology changes at the speed of light. Tech executives must move at roughly the same speed just to keep up. Knowledge of an ever-changing media and telecommunications landscape is essential for anyone in this fast-paced, fast-growing field. We've helped companies find Chief Information Officers, market research directors, and more.

Boards of Directors

Recruiting the right leaders for a board takes a broad, yet focused, search. Diversity of experience, thought, gender and race, along with strong business acumen, have never been more important. Our familiarity with the legal and legislative issues of board governance enables us to effectively search for the best available leaders.

Private Equity

Whether it’s a major recapitalization of a public company, carve-outs of subsidiaries, or buyouts of large and small family-owned businesses, we have extensive experience in helping private equity owners structure their portfolio companies and their leadership teams for success.

Education / Nonprofit / Government

Educational institutions, nonprofit organizations, and governmental entities operate in a complex, demanding, and rapidly changing environment where their leadership needs can change frequently. Leaders in these organizations are often called on to be a hybrid of scholar, businessperson, fundraiser, and politically savvy face of the organization. Our broad experience helps us assist our clients in recruiting leaders with the diverse skills that help them thrive.


Leaders in the field must be nimble, flexible, business-minded – and have compassion for people’s well-being. We have deep experience in recruiting business leaders to healthcare organizations, but we have also identified leaders for medical device manufacturers, pharmaceutical and biotech companies, and manufacturers of diagnostic equipment.