President and Chief Executive Officer, Communities In Schools Charlotte-Mecklenburg


Communities In Schools (CIS) is the nation’s largest organization dedicated to empowering students to stay in school and on a path to a brighter future. Working directly inside schools, CIS connects students to caring adults and community resources to help them succeed inside and outside the classroom and reach their greatest potential. CIS places staff in 2,300+ schools across 25 states and Washington, DC.

An affiliate of the national organization, Communities In Schools Charlotte-Mecklenburg (CIS-Charlotte) operates in 54 schools in the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools (CMS) district, providing case management services to 6,000+ students annually. Another 27,000 students in these same schools receive less intensive services such as in-kind resources, cultural enrichment, college and career awareness, and more. With a budget of almost $8 million and a staff of over 120, CIS-Charlotte ranks as one of the top affiliates across the country.

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This position will report directly to the Board of Directors and leads a team of over 120 employees.


The President and Chief Executive Officer is expected to set the organization’s long-term vision, and is responsible for the operational management, strategies, and fiscal oversight. Through the ongoing development of community partnerships that benefit children and their families, the CEO will coordinate community and staff resources to carry out the mission and policies of CIS-Charlotte. Specific duties will include, but not necessarily be limited to:

Organizational Management

  • Hire, train, and evaluate management team staff; manage operations staff and other site staff as appropriate.
  • Demonstrate a strong commitment to, and plan for, furthering the organization’s initiatives relating to diversity, equity, inclusion and access.
  • Lead all fund development and strategic planning initiatives for the organization.
  • Ensure a professional infrastructure is operating, that includes employee manuals, by-laws, financial procedures, and legal responsibilities of the organization.
  • Ensure employee annual work plans and organizational plans are developed and followed; establish and oversee procedures that address programmatic efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Conduct monthly staff meetings; implement ongoing professional development for the organization; serve as ex officio member and oversee the operations of staff committees.
  • Ensure the development and management of strategic planning and long-term fundraising.
  • Oversee the financial management system to ensure effective fiscal management; lead the development of an annual budget for review and approval by the Board; monitor expenses and revenues compared to budget, providing regular reports to the Board; ensure the completion of an annual independent audit.

Resource Development

  • Work with Board of Directors to develop and implement a multi-year resource development plan focusing on diversified resources and long-term fundraising.
  • Serve as the lead fundraiser for the organization.
  • Mobilize financial and human resources to support program operations.
  • Negotiate and build partnerships to provide office and program space for county-wide services (central office and program sites).
  • Negotiate, secure, and oversee agency agreements and contracts.
  • Establish and maintain appropriate linkages with public schools, colleges, human and health service agencies, community entities, businesses, and media to expand CIS resources and ensure cooperative partnerships in implementing CIS initiatives.
  • Conduct ongoing speaking engagements to civic clubs, communities of faith, businesses, and other community entities.
  • Foster a positive relationship with local, state, and national elected officials in order to gain support for the organization; represent CIS at county commissioner board meetings and board of education meetings; attend municipal meetings as needed.
  • Serve on community, agency, state, and national boards for the purposes of networking and enhancing the development of the organization.
  • Attend local, state, and national meetings sponsored by CISNC and CIS National, Inc.

Board Management

  • Work closely with board chairperson to support all board functions, including assisting in the recruitment of and orientation for new board members.
  • Establish and maintain productive working relationship with members of the Board, providing regular communication and enough information to fulfill their policy-making responsibilities; serve as ex officio member of Executive, Full Board, and other committees.
  • Make organizational recommendations as necessary to the Executive Committee.

Program Management

  • Conduct periodic assessments of school and community needs; collaborate on brokering and coordinating services to youth and families that address identified needs; develop and implement initiatives to enhance effectiveness of CIS programs.
  • Develop and supervise program evaluation procedures for ongoing assessment of program effectiveness; prepare periodic progress reports and an annual report of the findings; provide required reports to CIS state and national organizations.

Children and Family Services Center (CFSC) Collaborative

  • Actively participate in the CFSC Collaborative including, but not limited to, attending meetings of the CFSC EDs and advising the governing board regarding the accomplishments and needs of both CFSC and CIS, balancing the needs of CIS with the broader community needs relating to CFSC.


  • Visionary with demonstrated passion for children and underserved communities; able to authentically connect with the students and families served.
  • Minimum of five years successful experience in a senior management role that includes operations, finance, human resources with the ability to administer basic nonprofit financial accounting and budget management, performance management, compensation, and other policies and procedures.
  • Demonstrated commitment to racial equity work; able to cross cultural boundaries to build and maintain strong working relationships.
  • Demonstrated track record of successful fundraising and organizational growth preferred; comfortable “making the ask” and serving as the lead fundraiser.
  • Strong interpersonal communication skills and sensitivity to the needs of youth and a diverse ethnic population; influencer and negotiator.
  • Outstanding communicator, both oral and written; active listener; able to connect with diverse stakeholders; effective public speaking skills.
  • Collaborator and problem-solver; able to attract, inspire, and engage others; sensitive to diverse points of view and keen awareness of stakeholder needs and how to build collaborative partnerships based upon fundamental CIS principles.
  • Well informed about local, state, and national issues that affect services for children and families.
  • Passion for coaching and developing team members; able to navigate adversity with grace and kindness.
  • Physical and emotional stamina; able to tolerate long days and function at a high level.
  • Organization and ability to balance multiple tasks and priorities.
  • Decisive and systems orientation; able to drill down and make sound business decisions based on data.
  • Undergraduate degree required, Master’s degree in a related field preferred.


Compensation will be commensurate with experience including a competitive base salary, bonus opportunity, and competitive benefits package.


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