Executive Director

Mecklenburg EMS Agency (Medic):

Established in 1996, Medic is a joint governmental agency formed through an agreement between Mecklenburg County, the Charlotte Hospital Authority (now Atrium Health), and Novant Health. Medic operates the busiest EMS Agency in the state of North Carolina and is the sole 911 ambulance service provider in Mecklenburg County, including the greater Charlotte area. The Agency’s responsibilities include emergency response, non-emergency scheduled transports, special event coverage, tactical paramedic SWAT support, and manages its own Central Medical Emergency Dispatch center. Medic is renowned as one of the top-performing EMS agencies in the nation, particularly for cardiac arrest patient outcomes and extensive research initiatives that have world-wide impact on EMS practices. With over 600 employees and a fleet of 100+ vehicles, Medic serves a diverse and exciting environment spanning 544 square miles, with a population over one million people, as well as several professional sporting venues, multiple college campuses and universities, two major lakes, a busy international airport, two nuclear power plants, and several major corporations and business centers.

With its mission “To save a life, hold a hand, and be prepared to respond in our community when and where our patients need us,” Medic is proud of its strong history and ongoing commitment to serving the people of Mecklenburg County and the Charlotte region.

For more information please visit www.medic911.com.


The Executive Director leads a team of five across all functional areas and will report directly to the Agency Board of Commissioners. Appointed by the Mecklenburg Board of County Commissioners, the Agency Board members are comprised of senior leaders from Mecklenburg County and both local health systems (Atrium Health and Novant Health).


The individual who occupies the Executive Director position will have overall strategic and operational responsibility for Mecklenburg EMS Agency (Agency)’s staff, programs, expansion, and execution of its mission. The individual in this role must have deep knowledge and understanding of strategic functions of the field, core programs, operations, fiscal performance/application, and business plans, while recognizing the connection to compassion for the community which the Agency/Medic serves. Performance is tethered to outcomes of the organization; therefore, this individual must make strategic decisions as they relate to Agency performance metrics.

Specific duties will include, but not necessarily be limited to:

  • As head of the Agency, support the Agency mission, vision, strategic plans, goals, and management decisions while upholding and adhering to all Agency policies and protocols. Understand community needs and ensures alignment of the products and services provided.
  • Drive and direct business with consideration for all aspects of diversity, equity, and inclusion. Oversee efforts to improve diversity within all Agency departments to support equitable provision of care to all patients regardless of their personal or cultural demographics.
  • Develop, nurture, and maintain business relationships with internal and external stakeholders.
  • Lead by example while serving as the internal and external head of the Agency. Direct Agency leadership toward a common purpose. Externally represent the Agency with all parent and partner stakeholders, serving as the department representative for Mecklenburg County. Represent Medic within local, state, regional, and national pre-hospital interests necessary for building successful partnerships and relationships within the industry and related fields.
  • Internally provide support by making decisions, solving problems; manage and support change, develop Agency processes, conduct meetings, and represent the Agency.
  • Ultimately responsible for Agency employee and team performance. For employees, coach, counsel, and motivate. For direct reports, conduct employee performance appraisals; investigate complaints or performance concerns; implement disciplinary actions. This responsibility also includes review, discrepancy clearance, and approval of employee timecards, while ensuring that compliance of these responsibilities occurs for all employees through direct communication and leadership by example.
  • Develop and maintain professional and personal growth by attending seminars, workshops, professional affiliations, and self-study to stay current with all professional, governmental, legal, and social trends and changes. Drive and foster work environment to increase capacity and resource management.
  • Drive quality assurance and Agency performance in excess of contractual obligations and similarly situated organizations. Use routine and special quality assurance to accurately represent performance with appropriate governing bodies.
  • Recognize personal and Agency responsibility for patients as our customers; direct the Agency with a focus on patient and employee advocacy.
  • Use performance data to understand and optimize the Agency. Support analysis of clinical performance and investigation findings to inform improvement opportunities. Ensure consistent delivery and analysis of data to both internal and external stakeholders. Observe system to determine areas of opportunity, driving momentum that continues to support a long-lasting, adept operating system.
  • Inspire improvement and direct transformation, including demonstrating commitment to improvement models and mitigation of risk appropriately. Optimize the Agency through understanding and monitoring of multi-level KPIs; achieve alignment throughout the Agency with its purpose, mission, vision, and values.
  • Uphold and direct business within all legal and ethical realms. Recognize Agency adherence to all contractual obligations as a minimum expectation. Support and direct Agency to achieve appropriate regulatory and industry-specific accreditations.
  • Direct all aspects of budget development, adherence, and fiscal responsibility.


  • Three+ years in executive or c-suite leadership; executive leadership in healthcare and specifically EMS preferred.
  • Demonstrated prior experience and strong knowledge in fiscal management including healthcare revenue cycle, resource development and maintenance, agency and program planning, and governmental relations.
  • Financial experience in healthcare and government/county agency is a plus, but not required.
  • Exemplary communication skills – written, verbal, and listening – to effectively represent an organization to all internal and external audiences.
  • Strong ability to develop and steward relationships with internal and external stakeholders.
  • Ethics above reproach with a strong moral compass to guide an organization in the right direction.
  • Experience and knowledge of managing external systems (i.e., systems integrated with government, hospitals, etc.).
  • Strong aptitude for metrics, reporting, and accountability.
  • Demonstrated ability in strategic planning and risk mitigation.
  • Keen focus on processes and process reliability which benefit the community.
  • EMT background or experience in front-line patient care is a plus, but not required.
  • Strong passion for and dedication to the Agency’s mission.
  • Bachelor’s (four-year) degree in job related concentration; Master’s degree in Business, Public, or Healthcare Administration is preferred.


Compensation will be commensurate with experience including a competitive base salary, bonus opportunity, and competitive benefits package.


Jonas Hedin, Consultant