Senior Executive Vice President


A multifaceted healthcare company providing a continuum of care that blends seamlessly from one stage of need to the next. This privately held company’s continuum of care services include: retirement and assisted living communities; home care; hospice care; convalescent, skilled nursing, and rehabilitation care; medical equipment sales; and pharmaceutical services.


The Chief Executive Officer, a long-time employee, has announced plans to retire. Initially the Senior Executive Vice President will report to the CEO during a transition period. Upon successful performance and assimilation into the company, and at the completion of the transition period, it is expected that the new leader will assume the CEO position and then report directly to the Board of Directors.

Due to the impending retirement of the CEO, it is likely that the organizational structure of the company may change in some ways. Regardless of the structure, reports to the CEO include executives who lead/manage the following broadly defined functions: Finance; Human Resources; Information Technology; Risk Management; Legal and Regulatory; Planning and Development; Facilities Operations; Auxiliary Services; and Marketing and Public Relations.


The Senior EVP will be an executive leader who will be groomed to become the successor to the retiring CEO. As CEO, this individual will be responsible for planning, directing, and coordinating all operations and activities of the corporation, and related organizations, in accordance with policies established by the Board of Directors. This individual will ultimately lead/manage the overall financial and service operations of the company consistent with their long history of stewardship to its stockholders and service to the communities it serves. This leader will also provide thorough financial analysis and critical thinking/evaluation regarding future short-term and long-term strategic opportunities.

Other specific duties include, but are not necessarily limited to:

  • Recommend and participate in the formulation of the company’s mission, goals, objectives, and related policies; create and implement the financial, service, and compliance vision.
  • Continue to develop the culture and brand consistent with the company’s mission and goals; ensure that the company remains socially responsible.
  • Provide an appropriate staff organizational structure; select, develop, evaluate, and retain superior leaders; organize, supervise, coordinate, assist and evaluate program and staff performance in relation to established objectives; ensure that the company is one of the leading, and best, workplaces in the community.
  • Establish and administer administrative policies and procedures for effective internal operation of the corporation and related organizations.
  • Provide for the control and effective utilization of the physical and financial resources of the corporation and related organizations; prepare forecasts and budgets (operating and capital); ensure appropriate accounting and audit of all resources.
  • Maintain awareness of the competitive market; assess, and act as necessary/appropriate, to maximize potential opportunities and minimize potential risks; stay abreast of industry trends; recommend, develop, and implement plans and policies to address trends in order to keep the corporation in a solid financial position.
  • Represent the company to public, government, and allied groups, in order to provide leadership to advocate for company values; represent the company locally, regionally, and nationally in all matters involving the political and regulatory climate of the industry as it affects the company.
  • Function as the primary interface between company management and the Board of Directors; communicate on behalf of the company with shareholders and the public on major issues.
  • Perform other tasks and duties as may be identified by the Board of Directors or the position itself.


  • Integrity above reproach; high ethics; respect for confidentiality; forthright and direct, but with diplomacy.
  • Skilled at strategic and organizational leadership; ability to inspire others; ability to see the big picture, but not lose sight of important details.
  • Experience in/knowledge of the healthcare industry is preferred but not essential.
  • Superior business management skills along with a strong financial acumen.
  • Willingness to make difficult decisions; willingness to take appropriate risk.
  • Ability to identify, develop, and support leaders within the company; also possess the ability to recruit appropriate leadership talent when necessary to meet business needs.
  • Excellent interpersonal skills; effective communicator.
  • Self-motivated; strong desire to achieve results.
  • Ability to work in a complex environment; adaptable and flexible.
  • Appropriate educational background; MBA, or other comparable financial education/background is strongly preferred.


Compensation will be commensurate with experience including a competitive base salary, incentive bonus opportunity, and competitive benefits package.

The company is an Equal Opportunity Employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, age, veteran, or disability status.


Ken Carrick, President
Robin Rogers, Associate Director
6101 Carnegie Blvd., Suite 300
Charlotte, NC 28209