Chief Executive Officer


Private equity owned manufacturer and distributor of consumer products.


The Chief Executive Officer will serve as a member of the organization’s board, report directly to the Board of Directors, and interact regularly with its private equity investor.


The CEO is responsible for the strategic leadership of the company, with ultimate responsibility for all functional areas of the business. The CEO helps drive all key strategic initiatives for the company and is expected to set the tone for the organization through his/her effort, visibility, and leadership. Most importantly, the CEO is a partner for the company’s founding owners, a steward for its amazing brands, and a champion for the unique, soulful culture that drives its innovation, growth, and identity.

Specific duties will include, but not necessarily be limited to:

  • Manage, build, and optimize a portfolio of branded products:
    • Determine and implement an optimal branding strategy across a growing suite of brand assets.
    • Understand and maximize prices and margins within the current product mix.
    • Ensure manufacturing and distribution processes support outstanding product design, efficiency, and quality.
    • Rationalize SKUs that are not delivering target velocity or margin objectives.
    • Develop standard procedures/stage gates for product development; launch new branded products that meet market needs and generate attractive margins.
  • Recruitment and talent development:
    • Assess the organization (including additional add-ons) to determine the optimal use of resources; define and implement an appropriate reporting structure.
    • Recruit a CFO who drives performance through KPIs and with deep M&A/integration expertise; the CFO should have experience operating in a leveraged environment; the founders of the businesses remain involved in the company and are key members of the Executive Leadership Team as it relates to industry knowledge/relationships and product development.
  • Drive the acquisition and integration of add-ons:
    • Work with the founding owners and team to further develop the M&A pipeline.
    • Develop a strategy for expanding M&A targets, both domestic and international.
    • Work with the private equity investor and management team to negotiate and structure add-on transactions.
    • Provide leadership of the on-going integration for recently closed acquisitions.
    • Lead due diligence and post-closing integration with the broader team, which will include an assessment of and key decisions around:
      • Company locations and functions.
      • The highest and best use of internal and acquired talent.
      • Efficiency opportunities and synergies.
      • The optimal go-to-market strategy, especially as the company’s go-to-market strategy expands.
  • Optimize the company’s product delivery capabilities through warehousing, distribution, and fulfillment:
    • Implement a scalable platform that minimizes lead times and allows for quick integration of future acquisitions.
    • Identify optimal warehouse locations for growing the network.
    • Optimize inventory to balance working capital efficiency while maintaining best-in-class customer service levels.
    • Implement systems to enhance the customer experience.
    • Evaluate make versus source/buy/import questions.
  • Develop a more aggressive customer acquisition strategy:
    • Complete a competitive positioning assessment to help define white space for organic growth.
    • Review and assess direct sales channel organization.
    • Evaluate a CRM platform for a growing sales organization; assess payback on event/ conference attendance.
    • Review and assess artist partnership programs.
  • Leverage technology to increase sales and drive efficiency:
    • Optimize a demand planning system across the business.
    • Enhance marketing and business intelligence capabilities to drive customer engagement and sales.
    • Conduct ongoing assessment and improvement of the integrated technology architecture, including the existing Ecommerce platform.


  • Proven experience as a CEO, preferably for a fast-paced private equity backed business with a leveraged balance sheet.
  • A history of successfully building effective cultures and growing similarly sized businesses.
  • Collaborative leadership style with the ability to inspire and win the hearts and minds of the founding owners, direct reports, and rank-and-file employees.
  • A background in development, manufacture, and distribution of branded products (ideally enthusiast brands) with a strong understanding of the importance of customer service and brand management.
  • The ability to strategize and solve problems without the benefit of having access to 100% of the information.
  • Outstanding interpersonal, communication, and organizational skills with an ability to effectively present to board members, customers, vendors, and future investors/buyers in a variety of professional and social settings.
  • High level of emotional intelligence, including strong mentoring skills and the ability to inspire others.
  • An analytical mind that is comfortable with numbers and strategy.
  • Knowledge of and comfort with M&A negotiation and post-closing integration, both domestic and international.
  • Bachelor’s degree required, MBA a plus.


Compensation will be commensurate with experience including a competitive base salary, bonus opportunity, equity, and competitive benefits package.


Shana Plott, Chief Executive Officer