Board Director


Global producer and marketer of consumer goods.


  • Provide operational, fiduciary, and strategic oversight of the business to the owners.
  • Mentor, support, challenge, and advise the executive management team.
  • Provide insight, business perspective, and expertise that is otherwise unavailable to the company’s management team and owners.
  • Provide access through networking to potential business opportunities, resources, and expertise to support the company’s growth.


  • Demonstrated track record of success in roles of increasing responsibility; mid-career executive with a bright, fluid intellect.
  • Prior Board experience in the not-for-profit, private, or public sector preferred.
  • Strong strategic acumen and progressive thinker; able to balance the long-term view against the short-term needs of the company.
  • Personality ‘fit’ into the culture of the existing Board; team-oriented.
  • Philosophically aligned with an enthusiast, brand-driven entity focused on growth and innovation.
  • Experience in the consumer goods, retail, or wholesale distribution industries is a plus.


Paid per quarterly meeting plus annual stock grant or cash equivalent.


Shana Plott, Chief Executive Officer