Meet Taylor Rajack, the Panthers’ first director of football analytics

June 20, 2019 – “You have to incorporate modern ideas. I just want to make sure analytics are applied… You want to do everything you can to give yourself every edge you can on that field.”

Those words came from David Tepper a few months into owning the Carolina Panthers. And when he shared those thoughts, a member of the football analytics team for the Philadelphia Eagles took notice.

Taylor Rajack is now a former Eagles employee. The 27-year-old is the first director of football analytics for the Panthers.

Rajack applied for the director job in Carolina when he saw it posted by the search firm Coleman Lew. The Panthers identified him as a top candidate as they searched for someone to lead this soon-to-be implemented analytics department. The process moved quickly, especially with another team expressing interest in his services.

Rajack got started in Carolina a few weeks ago. Since settling into his office at Bank of America Stadium, his to-do list grows larger and larger by the hour.”

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