Jonas Hedin Honored with UNC Charlotte Jersey Recognition

November 16, 2018 – We’re getting excited about the UNC Charlotte football game vs. FIU this Saturday. We’re rooting for the home team to win, of course, but lots of folks from our office will be paying close attention during halftime.

That’s when our own Jonas Hedin will be called on the field with other alumni athletes and honored in a “jersey retirement” ceremony. In the history of the 49ers’ golf program, only three alums have been honored with a (metaphorical) jersey retirement. Jonas is one of those three.

Jonas, a native of Sweden, was a three-time Academic All-American at UNC Charlotte before going on to play six seasons and more than 65 sanctioned events as both a European and PGA Tour member.

It may sound surprising, but Jonas says golf is the thing that prepared him, more than anything else, for a career in search. “Golf made me persistent,” he said. “In golf, there can be only one winner – one person who gets the trophy. There is no second or third place trophy. In executive search, you get told ‘no’ a lot. I’m OK with that. I move on and am not dissuaded.”

Check out UNC Charlotte’s announcement.