Here’s to the innovators!

Have you seen this Fast Company list? We’re not surprised to see Facebook, Uber, Netflix and Amazon in the Top 10 of “The Most Innovative Companies of 2016.” But Taco Bell? Check out why they deserve to be in such esteemed company:

“In the last decade, the company has honed its focus on the millennial market, doubling down on social media across its many platforms with its signature uber-conversational voice. The result has been not just an international fan base for the restaurant’s ever-changing menu, but also avid fans of the Taco Bell lifestyle. The restaurant chain has tapped into technology to improve its service from order to pickup. Its mobile app–which has been downloaded 4.9 million times–makes it easy to place a custom meal order and pay before you arrive to skip the line.”

Cheers to all who innovate!