As executive search consultants, we focus on what’s important. Here are ways we do that.

As executive search consultants, our job is to find the right talent for the right role. We’re constantly asking ourselves, “Is what I’m doing right now helping to source good candidates?” If it’s not, we re-prioritize.

Banish busywork! Stop doing the things that take time and don’t produce results. Too often, we go through the motions just because “that’s the way we’ve always done it.” Fast Company suggests a few questions you can ask to determine if a particular task is worth your time.

One question to ask yourself about tasks you perform regularly: “Would anyone notice if I quit doing this task?”

“… it’s important to ask whether the task is something that really needs doing. Who would miss it if you didn’t do it anymore? Sometimes, work that ‘feels’ important really isn’t.”

Some work we do because it’s mindless and easy and helps us put off a more daunting (and more crucial) task. ” … anyone who’s avoided a deadline by working on ‘inbox zero,’ or overhauling their entire filing system, knows that there is work that needs to be done and work that we use to fill our time—aka ‘busywork.’ Sometimes they can feel similar, but chances are, you can eliminate some of the day-to-day grind through delegating, rescheduling, or ditching a task altogether.”