24 CEOs share their secrets to business success

We’re used to reading about high-achievers who rise before the sun’s up, make it to the gym before they read The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times and then are at the office by 7:30 a.m. Here are a few other tips and tricks — from people in the C suite — you may not have considered. Read the full Inc. story here.

Healthy meal prep.

“It’s hard to keep a routine when you’re running a startup. I feel the most out of control while I’m working crazy hours and am relying on whatever office snacks are lying around to re-fuel. I maintain balance by planning healthy snacks and meals for the week. Eating healthy gives me more energy, helps me sleep better, and makes me feel sustained.”

— Kaitlyn Trabucco, cofounder and COO of online marketplace Educents.com

Fresh air means fresh ideas.

“Exercise and being outdoors has always been my escape. Coming from Canada, where you’re at the mercy of the seasons, Phoenix’s consistently warm climate allows me to get outside almost every day.  To feel my best, I need at least an hour a day of blue sky, and maybe an amazing desert sunset too.  When the business began, I always tried to find time for running or cycling to help clear my head.  Today, early morning and sunset walks with my dogs allow me to decompress and do some of my best thinking.”

–Jakki Liberman, owner and creator of family-oriented merchandise company Bumkins 

Make time zones work for you.

“Every day I focus on making use of the gaps in my calendar. For instance, when I wake up at 5:30 a.m., I respond to the emails received overnight from the Europe team before my children wake up. At dinner and bedtime I force myself to not look at my phone or computer to unwind and enjoy time with my family. I then finish off my day by emailing my colleagues in Europe as they are about to start their day. Breaking up my day like this allows me to balance my focus, as both a CEO and a mom.”

–Ebba Blitz CEO of  Alertsec, a full disk encryption service for laptops.